Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays To ALL!!! (and a way to get $1.00 off of your childs next haircut)

OK, so I am going to mix a little holiday message with a little business message!

First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you who celebrate this time of year! Whatever it is Chanukah, Chrismas, Kwanza, or something I haven't heard of! Have a wonderful day!

With all of the crazy concerns we have nowadays, if you have family, friends, or both, a warm place to stay and food to eat, you have to be thankful! Not only do I have all of that, I have my wonderful customers who I can honestly say I look forward to seeing every day.

I also have the people from all over the world who happen upon my blog and read it...HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you too!

And now some business...Bring in or email me a photo of your child and I will take $1.00 off of their next haircut.

See you soon, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Come to Me?

I have been thinking about it for awhile now, a bit of a continuation to my post about people coming to me from all over. Here I am pretty much in the middle of Riverdale, part of the wonderful but much maligned Bronx. Actually in the middle of my target area. Just off the Henry Hudson. Are you coming from Manhattan? Are you coming from Westchester? I am so easy to get to!

How many people come to me from all over New York City? How many come for my 30 plus years of experience, my work with autistic kids, my love of what I do.

I grew up in Inwood. I loved it there. Spent much of my younger life hanging around the Nagle avenue YW YWHA. I know the area and I know the people! A quick jump on the 7 bus, and you come right to my store! A ride on the #1 train with a transfer to the 7 bus if that is easier, and here you are! The 10 bus stops nearby as well!

How many come from Monsey, and other areas you would not expect? Larchmont, Scarsdale, Orange county! I can't believe it myself!

Why? Aside from my experience, I have a small child friendly store, with a Thomas the Tank Engine play table to play with anytime, even if you are not getting a haircut! Why would someone from the upper west side, or even Chelsea opt to come all the way to me with all of the choices around? We only do one child at a time. you get ALL of my attention. YOU ARE WHAT MATTERS TO ME.

And my blog and website...people read them from ALL OVER the world!

Also, I have some pretty decent toys, at pretty decent prices, so please, give us a try at Someplace Special. Call and make an appointment, try not to just walk in because we are very busy, and I will be just thrilled to see you!

No appointment needed for toy buying! Save on shipping, shop locally!

See you soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Have a Pretty Cool Selection of Gifts Right Now!


The video shoot for the channel 11 morning show with Tiffany McElroy went very well on Tuesday! I can't wait to see how it comes out. As soon as I know when it will be on, I'll let you know. I had help from a few customers and neighbors and that made me feel very good. One of the things that has made me love my work so much is the fact that so many of my customers, in fact 99.99% of them are a pleasure to work with! How lucky can I be!

I want to remind you all that I have a nice selection of gifts in the store right now and It would be great if you could do a little bit of your holiday shopping with me. Imagine not having to get into a car and drive far, or spend hours searching the internet for what you want! Maybe I have it, maybe it is right in your backyard. Come take a look and be pleasantly surprised.

Right now, my biggest seller is my NYC transit authority approved MTA wooden trains that fit on the Thomas and Brio tracks. And you thought you had to go downtown to the Transit Museum to get them! I'll even mail them to you, and you can pay with a credit card or paypal. If you are interested, come in or give me a call. I have the whole line!

I also want to say that you can look me up on Facebook and join my group. At some point I will start posting contests and news that you can only find there.

Hope your Thanksgiving was GREAT!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, and FREE HAIRCUT OFFER !!!!!

Hello friends!
First of all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Of course I will be closed. As you remember how lucky you are to be with friends and family, remember the children in Ghana, or anywhere else that people are suffering and do your best to help.

RED ALERT!!!!!!!

On a TOTALLY different note... Channel 11 will be coming to my shop to tape on Tuesday, December 2nd at 10am and I need a few customers there. Your NEXT haircut free for the first FIVE who get in touch with me. You MUST communicate with me first in order to cash in on this great offer. If you do not let me know, and just walk in, There will be no free haircut. I only have a limited amount of space. Call Friday, Saturday, or Sunday when I am working and leave a message with your phone number so I can call you back.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, and Beyond. Children Come To Me From All Over!

People sometimes ask me where my customers come from. They assume that most of my customers are local...Not really!!

I was as surprised as anyone that along with all of my good friends from one end of the Bronx to the other, especially Riverdale, I started noticing people from Manhattan and Queens. Alot of people! Then all over Westchester. Hastings, Ardsley, Irvington, and all along the river towns. Scarsdale (a surprising amount of people from Scarsdale come to me), Larchmont, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, even Somers,which is so far away, and of course Yonkers, which is so close. If I haven't mentioned a town, well someone from there has probably been to me too!

Orange county, Rockland county, all over New York State!

Lots of New Jersey of course, Connecticut, and of course there are the "pop ins."

Who you may ask are the "pop ins?"

Well let's say you moved to Israel, Or Maine, or England, or Chicago, and you are coming in to NYC to visit a relative, why not stop and get a haircut? More people than you can imagine actually do! Hey, just take the trip for the haircut! I LOVE seeing children that I haven't seen in awhile!

I had a family that used to come in from Russia that were recommended to me by a friend of theirs IN RUSSIA! They came in pretty often, and I thought that was pretty cool!

Another category of "pop ins" are the kids that only come to me occasionally. Maybe their schools are not convenient to getting to me before I close. Really I know that there are a million reasons that someone might love me, my shop, and my haircuts, but may not be able to get to me. ANYTIME you show up for a haircut, or even just to stick your head in and say a big hi, I'll be so happy to see you!

I have had the absolute privilege of watching so many children grow up. That is on the list as being one of the GREAT perks of my job. I LOVE the "pop ins!" I love the regulars!

So come in and get a haircut, just say hello, or play with my trains. I'm here every day except Monday and Tuesday, and I am waiting to see you!

And don't forget to visit me for your holiday shopping...had to throw that in there!...Munipals, Munipals, Munipals! And lots more! Stop spending your time at your computer looking for no shipping codes! I promise, I won't charge you any shipping! Shop locally!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forced Labor In Ghana, See My Previous Post

For those of you new to my blog, It is supposed to be about cutting children's hair, and if you read previous posts and future posts, you will see that it mostly is, but I also have a special interest in the problems with forced labor of children in Ghana, so check out an older post of mine, Child Slavery in Ghana and take some time to watch the video.

I PROMISE I will get back to the business of writing about haircuts and my store in my next entry!
But for now, If you want to know more about how I handle autistic children, scared children, or any children, just scroll down for posts about what actually goes on in my store.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks to Everyone Who Made October 29th Special for Someplace Special and the Children in Ghana

The Press conference is over.
Finally I can breathe and finally I get a chance to write! Forgive me for taking so long to get to it. As you know I am pretty busy at work, but it is now time to thank everyone out there.

There were many people in my store Wednesday, October 29th, and I had a wonderful time. So many things happened and there are so many people I must thank.

Of course, the first people I must thank are the people working for the children in Ghana. Without their love for the children and their commitment to help get the word out, I would not have found out about what was happening and been so moved to help.

So I want to thank:

Eric Peasah, Slava Madorsky, and Niurka Pineiro from the IOM. Truly, they are wonderful people and the world is a better place because of them.

Everyone from Oriental Trading Company who went out of their way to make my winning the contest a wonderful event. Yes, they certainly do "Make the World More Fun!"

Craig Katz and Linda Chokoverty, who helped with some of the planning and set up events at Mount Sinai Hospital and at their home.

The Monroe College SIFE team who raised money by selling bracelets that contain the name of one of the children I sponsor, Welcome and who are thinking up business plans for the moms in Ghana so they will become self-sufficient and not feel forced to sell their children to traffickers. In fact, the SIFE team will continue to support the IOM and sell bracelets and make money to help support the children.

The news organizations who covered the event: The Daily News, The Caribbean News, the Riverdale Press and the Bronx News, along with countless Blogs who featured me like Bronx Mama, Mommy Poppins, Boogiedowner, and others.

Bruce Silverman who is technincally not with the news but who videotaped the event for the Oriental Trading Company.

David Bonanno who helped make my store look great, and is an all around nice guy.

Eliot Engel, who attended the ceremony at my store, and added me to the congressional record, I could not believe it! And Oliver Koppell who came to Monroe college to speak about the problem of child trafficking with the SIFE team and Mr. Peasah..

I ESPECIALLY want to thank my customers, and new and old and friends and relatives who voted for me in the contest, without whom I wouldn't be writing this today! Click on this, and see the story that won!

AND, of course my sweet wonderful husband Gary Axelbank, who helped me with EVERY aspect of this event (and my life) and set up some great PR, and finally got me on to BronxTalk, his TV show on channel 67! Now that was fun!

I am sure there are more of you to thank for one of the most wonderful days I ever had, but we will get to that, and post photos as soon as there is time. THANKS ALL!!!!!

And let's keep helping those children! You can bring any donations to me or send them to USAIM yourself. The truth is I was doing this before the contest and I'll continue to support them after the contest!

And if there is anyone out there who wants to send me to Ghana, so I can bring some donations personally, just give me a call!

Friday, October 24, 2008

We Are Having A Press Conference With Mr. Peasah of Ghana, and Oriental Trading Company!

Wow! We here at Someplace Special are now getting ready for the arrival of The Oriental Trading Company as well as the great Mr. Eric Peasah of Ghana. We are having a celebration in my store on Wednesday October 29th at 10:00 for the Oriental Trading Company to present checks to Mr Peasah and to me. I am hoping there will be a decent press turn-out, as well as some of you showing up to share in the fun!

After all, the contest was to MAKE THE WORLD MORE FUN! and hopefully, that is what I did.

If you want to make any donations to Mr. Peasah for the fine work he does in rescuing children that have been sold into forced labor, you are invited to do so. I would be happy to give the checks personally to Mr. Peasah. Or you can give them to him!

What an honor for me!

Or you can donate directly to USAIM, or the IOM. In the meantime, you can check out the page that Oriental Trading did about me and my store, and the work I do.

On A Different Note
Finally, you don't have to go downtown to buy them!
In the store we are now selling great wooden trains made by munipals with all of your favorite subway lines. The A, the 1, the 4, and others. They are wonderful and well made, and will fit on your Thomas the Tank Engine and Brio track. Don't forget we also have inexpensive loose track made by Melissa and Doug to add to your Thomas and Brio collections. Come in and take a look.

Or just come in and play!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If Your Child Does Not Like Haircuts or Even Hates Haircuts...A Couple of Stories.

Early this morning a mom came in with the sweetest looking little boy around two and a half, three years old. She whispered quietly, "we've never had a successful one" meaning of course a successful haircut.

I went over to the little guy as he eyed my Thomas the Tank Engine play table. I got down on my knees and started playing with the trains. Knocking them off, saying silly things. After a few moments, he came over and started playing with me.

This went on for awhile...and this is one of the reasons I like my job... I get to sit on the floor and play! When I felt it was time to get closer, I took the plunge and started actually buzzing his hair. I left out a lot of the little tricks I used to make him feel more comfortable, But he never stopped moving, yet it came out great! His first successful haircut!

Now, I don't mind if a kid is walking, playing, dancing, or doing anything that involves his or her head moving. And when I am working on a child, or any age kid, that child is the most important person in the shop to me.

Sometimes I am working on an Autistic child, or a child in a wheelchair, Or any kid who needs extra attention, and another customer might feel a little uncomfortable. My attitude is go out and take a little walk! Whoever I am working on is my focus, just as you will be my focus later on. I try to give 100% to the most important person. The child on my chair! Or, of course, the child walking around and playing while I cut!

I have another boy who's come to the shop a couple of times. He's an older boy with autism. I will say that he is not a big lover of haircuts! But there was one point that I looked into his eyes, and a smile came to my face, and then a smile came to his! At that point it was smooth sailing! It worked out great.

Since then, I have listed my services on two Autism websites, along with being on the lists of countless schools. As a matter of fact, I worked in a school for autistic children a few years ago.

Some children cannot be soothed. They just hate or are scared of the whole process. If you want me to do their hair in spite of their crying, I can. I will be careful, quick, and will not hurt them.

Some advice...many children get more scared if you talk to much about and go over and over the process. For some kids, the more they talk about something and ask to do it, the more scared they really are of it. The ones who cry really cannot help it.

Come see me! I can never guarantee your child will let me cut his hair quietly. I cannot guarantee your child will let me get close, or touch her or him. But I work hard, and I respect your child! Let me make friends with your child. As I said, I do my best, and I love what I do!

Friday, October 3, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I can hardly believe this! Check out this web page Oriental Trading ...scroll down to the big button that says "Make the world more fun! Contest and instant win game. Read the winning story." And read the winning story!

I can hardly believe it!

And get a load of your Oriental Trading Company catalogs! You know you'll get at least two in the next mail. There is my name bigger than life on the back. Wow!

Remember, you are all invited to our little party on October 29th when we will be presented with our prizes from the Oriental Trading Company. Mr. Eric Peasah from Ghana, and Slava Madorsky from USAIM will be right in my little shop to accept, along with me, and the Oriental Trading Company!

Wow again! And Thanks!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oriental Trading Company Comes to the Bronx!

As you know, I am closed today, as I always am on Tuesdays, and I will also be closed tomorrow Wednesday, for the Jewish holiday.

For those of you who are interested, on October 29th, time to be announced, I will be having representatives from Oriental Trading and from USAIM at my store. I'd love to make it a party, and you are all invited. Too bad I am not in my former large spot! But of course, this is all for a wonderful cause, so I am hoping to get some kids from the local schools, and maybe even some reps from some of the churches and synagogues in the area. Any ideas you have, please email me!

Of course it goes without saying that to host people from USAIM and Mr. Peasah from Ghana at my store is a dream come true, as I am trying to expand on my work with Ghana and the children there. It has truly made me feel more fulfilled in my life. But something about hosting the Oriental Trading Company is real cool too! Who ever thought that would happen? After all of these years of buying things from them for my store, for the kids in Ghana, and of course for all of the birthday parties and other events I had for my own children over the years!

What they are doing for the children in Ghana is so wonderful. $5,000 in cash, and $5,000 in prizes goes a long way in Ghana! Thank you OTC!

I hope I can make all of their experiences good ones in the Bronx!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holiday Schedule

Just want you all to know that I will be closed for Rosh Hashanah Tuesday, September 30 and Wednesday, October 1. One extra day more than my usual Monday and Tuesday.

I will also take off Thursday October 9th for Yom Kippur.

Remember to call and make an appointment before the holiday. See you soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

News and Thoughts From My Busy Shop!

Still waiting to hear about the fun things that might happen with Oriental Trading! My fantasy...they will actually send me to Ghana to present gifts to the kids! I have become very involved with the situation in Ghana. Then I could meet the two children I sponsor, and the other children too.

I was turned on to an interesting website City of Refuge Ministries that illustrates more of the problem and the work. There are many Christian organizations working in Ghana. The Organizations I work with the, IOM and USAIM are not Christian ministries. They are governmental agencies.

On to things that actually have something to do with the store!

This week has been moderatly busy. As you know, the last few weeks have been a crazy crazy BUSY wonderful time in the shop. I had to turn away many because I was already over booked. I always say that you have to have a sense of humor to come into my place! and an appointment if I am that busy! I am crawling on the floor trying to catch a toddler, my message machine is answering phone calls, and there is a general feeling of fun in the place along with hair on the floor! Please Please make appointments! I am willing to come in early and stay late if I know you are coming! I LOVE what I do!

Still, I have interesting seasons in my store. Right now with the back to school rush not quite so rushed, people are starting to wait until right before Rosh Hashanah ,so things have slowed down a bit, although the weekend was pretty busy. The holiday begins at sundown on Monday September 29 and ends at nightfall on Wednesday October 1. Right before it starts I will see another surge. Call soon! Also, you never know when someone will cancel. I PROMISE I will get all of you done!

I have been thinking about the toys in the store.

Everyone, tell me what kind of toys you want. You can email me at
Green stuff? Batmans? More art supplies? Educational toys? You tell me!

Remember, you are invited to come and play with my Thomas the Tank Engine play table anytime, so come in even if you are not getting a haircut or buying a toy!

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Fun Job Waiting For YOU!

A Great photo of me and a pretty little customer that was taken by her nice dad. The mom is real nice too and it makes me think about how lucky I am to be able to work in the environment I do. Great kids, great parents, and I really enjoy my job and have alot of fun. So I was wondering...

Is there anyone out there that might enjoy working in a great place like this? Are you a licensed hairdresser with some experience? Do you love kids? Are you willing to crawl around on the floor to make them comfortable? If not, I will!!

Do you have a special skill? Braiding? Chemical work? Do you want to rent a chair? Do you NOT want to rent a chair?

Do you want to stay away from braiding, chemical work and just want to concentrate on great haircuts?

Whatever you want to do, lets talk!

Here you can have a flexible schedule, a fun place to come to, and alot of new friends.

Give me a call if you happen to read this and are interested. I'm waiting to meet you!

Remember, Licensed hairdressers only!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Bunch of Stuff!

Someplace Special

Keep your eyes open for the new Oriental Trading Company Catalog. They say I will be somewhere in the Halloween issue. Wild! Huh? Not a place I ever thought I'd be!

By the way, I will be closed Sunday. I am sorry about that. I know that it would be a very busy day if I were there, but family obligations take precedence this Sunday. My mother in laws 80th birthday party! After the busy weeks I've had getting all of the children ready for school by making them look good, I need a good party!

I want to remind you all that if you have a child with special needs, please come visit my shop. As you can see, big or small, I will make your child's experience as pleasant as I can. If you want any information about the organization that this young man's father runs for parents of autistic children, go to Looks like a great organization.

He's a handsome boy and a good dresser too! A bit taller than most of my customers, but as you see, I'll do anything I need to do to get the job done. Even stand on my tippy toes!

There is one more photo I'd like share with you. A beautiful girl who comes to me, and I was lucky enough to have my camera in the store! I've actually taken alot of pictures, and over the coming days I will download more. But for now...

See you soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're Back!

Hey all my friends! It has been pretty busy here lately. As you know, I went on vacation to Niagara Falls, and on to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I had a great time in both places, but the real highlight of my trip was to visit my son in Rochester. It's nice to see one of my own kids for a change!

Then I took another day off and saw Bob Dylan in Saratoga. Now you know why I haven't been around for a few days.

I had a very nice chat with the CEO of the Oriental Trading Company. Seems like a real nice guy who has a few kids of his own. There was more I wanted to say about what the children in Ghana go through, but I get a little shy with people, unless I am cutting their hair! Boy, I'd love to go visit them. I am looking forward to hearing more about what is in store for those wonderful kids in Ghana from the Oriental Trading Company. Also, what's in store for me!

I was thinking, it isn't that our kids have too much, it is that all kids should have too much! By too much I don't mean the things money can buy, although a nice, secure, comfortable, home and food should be a right too! I mean the loving and security, the holding and comforting, a chance to learn...too much should be a right for every child. But the most important thing is an adult or pair of adults that a child can rely on, that will not hurt them. That is the key.

A very good friend once said to me "we can only be truly independent if we know we have someone we can depend on." Think about it. That is what children need.

So till I have something else to say...
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We Will Be Closed Sunday August 17th!

Sorry! But we will reopen Wednesday the 20th! Call us after 10:00 on Wednesday to make an appointment!
See you then!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I am again! I'm back and the phone keeps ringing and ringing! Thank goodness!

I want to thank you all for your congratulations and good wishes about me winning the Oriental Trading Company's contest, Make the World More Fun. As I said, I emailed many of you about this contest, and so many of you have told me how impressed you are that Oriental Trading Company is taking part in ths wonderful mitzvah! After all of these years of buying things from them, it is nice to see that they appear to be a very nice company.

I still do not know what is ahead now that I've won, but I sure hope it will be fun! I'm waiting to hear more from them.

If you want to come in for an appointment, please give me a call first, we will be very busy this week, and I will not be here Sunday.

Thanks again

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey all! I've been away for a few days, but don't worry, I'll be back for more hair cutting starting Wednesday August 13th. Call me then to make an appointment.

I want to inform all of you...

from the Oriental Trading Company!!! Those great kids in Ghana who used to be slaves, and the children that are still slaves and are yet to be rescued will be getting $5,000 worth of Oriental Trading products and $5,000 CASH. I could never afford to do this on my own!

THANK YOU Oriental Trading!!!

I also want to thank all of the people that I have been driving crazy for votes. Of course that will stop now. My customers to whom I have spoken of nothing else, People on the street that I grabbed, some that I really did not even know, All the Yahoo groups that I sent emails to asking for votes (and members really did vote) My old high school friends, and their friends , my wonderful local friends and my relatives and their friends, EVERYBODY who helped me out with votes on the Oriental Trading website, I thank you all!

The people who work with the children are already making their orders, and I know that there will be a ton of publicity, local and national, but I have to fill out a few forms first to get the ball rolling and then I guess it will be splashed all over their website!

What a vacation I am having!
Thanks again, all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Time to VOTE!

Two very important items...TODAY, August 4th is the LAST day to vote for my story on Oriental Trading!!
Please do! If I win, those former slave children in Ghana will get $10,000. $5,000 in Oriental Trading products, and $5,000 in CASH.
Voting is going on until 5:00
Vote Here!

For more information about what is going on with these children in Ghana, see my June 10th entry.

ALSO it is always best to make an appointment at the shop. I am the only one cutting hair and I would hate to have anyone wait. Not only that, people come from so far away to get haircuts from me, I would really hate to be too busy to even get to you! Always call ahead if you can!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Am A Finalist In A Contest and I Need YOUR Help To Win!

Many of you already know that Someplace Special has been very active in helping children who are, or have been, slaves in Ghana. Well now something very special has happened to Someplace Special, and I need your help!

A couple of months ago, I entered a contest held by The Oriental Trading Company, a toy catalog that many of you have heard about. The challenge was to write an essay telling about a person or an organization that you believed could use a little more fun in their lives.

As it turns out, I have been notified that I am among 10 finalists picked from thousands of entries. At this point, I need all of you to go to this website, and vote for me (one vote per computer). The children in Ghana will receive $10,000, half in cash, and half in product from Oriental Trading Company , If I win.

For more information about the situation that now exists in Ghana, please read my blog and watch the video I have posted in the June 10th entry. You may also check out the organizations that will get the money and distribute it to the children, the IOM and the US arm of the organization, USAIM.

Thanks so much, and please go and vote, you will be doing the children and the world a big favor! Only one vote per computer will be allowed!

This is the entry that put me in the top 10

In Ghana is a group of children that has lived their early years in slavery. Poor parents, overwhelmed by their child's needs, sell them to fisherman as apprentices, not realizing the children will become slaves as young as 5 years old. They dive into freezing water to untangle fishing nets and herd cattle. They are beaten often, eat little, and get no medical care. I have been dealing with an organization called the IOM (international organization for migration), which buys back these children and sends them to school. They try to give them a secure life, food, clothes, shelter, and an education.

When I found out about the children, the store I own had a party and donated money spent on art projects to the organization. My customers decorated gold cardboard crowns we bought from you, with all kinds of collage materials we bought from you, and made $500.00 for the organization. Then I thought they needed fun in their lives and ordered blow up vinyl animals and sport balls from you along with tootsie pops. The kids were thrilled. I see so many things I would like to send them in your catalog, but I just cannot afford to do all I want even though you have wonderfully fair prices. My business still makes very little profit. PLEASE HELP THESE KIDS HAVE FUN!!! They have had so little in their short lives. I pray you will show them that people really do care. Soon another group of children will be rescued. The IOM has to keep returning for more. Show them all you care!
Photos of the children are Courtesy of the IOM

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hey All, It's My Birthday! July 5th

This might be the very first time I have ever closed or not worked on my birthday, unless I was already scheduled for day off, but since it is a long weekend, I figured that I'd take a break! Of course I will be back to work on Sunday, so call after 10:00am to make an appointment.

I thought you might think this was kind of cute!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Child Slavery in Ghana

As you know, I have decided to do my part fighting against child slavery. Take a look at this video and see why the problem has touched me so deeply.

Here is a link to a very interesting article about the problem. You will have to copy and paste if you want to read it, as I haven't quite figured out how to make links yet!!

The IOM, International Organization for Migration, needs money to help buy back the children who are enslaved. The only way the slave masters, as they call themselves, will let the children go is if they are paid. To that end, I will be selling plaster pieces, princesses, dinosaurs, trains, and other items that you and your children can take home and paint. I will also give you two colors of paint, all for $5.00. The money will go to the IOM.

I have also made up 500 rubber bracelets with the name of one of the children Someplace Special sponsors. His name is Welcome, and I thought that was a nice sounding name to make a charitable contribution to. The bracelets will be $3.00 to $5.00 or more, whatever you are comfortable giving, and they come in adult and kid sizes.

Welcome is a bright 12 year old boy who has spent much of his life in slavery. Now he is in school and doing well. We also sponsor a boy named Selassie. He is only 5 years old, and has already lived through the horror of slavery.

Recently I sent a box of toys to the children, you can see them blowing up the assorted vinyl toys I sent. Since I am also used to giving children lollipops, I sent a bunch of those too! Whatever I can do to make them happy, Just like I do with your children, I will, but I need your help!

Please remember to pick up some bracelets and some plaster pieces to paint, make a kids life just a bit happier.

Thanks everyone, and I will try to keep the posts a bit lighter now! After all, Someplace Special is a happy place!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Someplace Special Gives Back

I've been thinking a lot about the kids in Ghana who are used as slaves by the fishermen on the Volta river.

These kids at 5 years old are up at 6AM to help the fishermen get the nets ready, make sure that the nets are not ripped, and then plunge into the freezing water to unstick stuck nets and help catch the fish. When they are done fishing hours later, they herd the cattle.

Yes! Can you imagine, 5 year olds! And 6 and 7 and so on.They are hardly fed and never taken to doctors, and many are beaten regularly and they never go to school. They are truly slaves!

I cannot ignore this situation. Here I am working with your wonderful, beautiful, happy, kids and you all know that my goal with my customers is to make them as happy as possible during their haircuts. TV, toys and anything it takes. They deserve it!! I love it, and that is why I do it. But these other kids so far away in Ghana deserve it too! So do all children in the world, New York, Myanmar, everywhere. Even just the basics! They don't even have that.

These days I am in contact with some great people in Ghana who are helping these kids, and I am going to set up a fund. The Welcome fund, so named for the 12 year old boy that this store sponsors with the money made at our 5th birthday party. A very bright 12 year old named Welcome, who was BOUGHT BACK (yes, I said BOUGHT back! That is how the organization in Ghana gets the children to safety). Now he attends school and lives a free life.

I will be selling off my plastercraft items that we used to use at parties and paint for $5.00 for each plastercraft piece and 2 paint colors. That money will go to the IOM, The International Organization for Migration (slavery is considered forced migration). Please help me save another child.
Thanks everyone!
PS, as if this all wasn't enough, I will also have my little Kiva piggy bank out to collect pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, to help people with micro loans around the world!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Cute Pictures

Just thought you might like to see a few of my sweet customers. I cut the hair of alot of girls too, I just do not have any pictures of them right now.

If you have any pictures you would like to send me, please do!

Someplace Special is always SOMEPLACE SPECIAL!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great New Products in the Shop

Things are really busy at the shop now. It is definitely a good idea to make an appointment! And not only are people coming in for haircuts, they are also coming in for the many toys we are selling now. All kinds of things like Zoosticks, great beginning chopsticks for those little sushi lovers out there
And bubbles bubbles...LOTS of bubbles!

I really cannot believe how many nice things I am surrounded by now in my new store.I have tried my best to pick out things you will all like. California Baby products, Anti Lice shampoo from Circle of Friends, realistic looking animals from Schliech and adorable tiny baby dolls. I also have the greatest finger puppets. Please come in and take a look! GREAT things to fill a party bag with.
As always, I invite you to come in and play with my Thomas the Tank Engine Play Table any time!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Little Bit About What I Do

Wow! Today a family who had been customers and moved to Georgia stopped by so their child could get a haircut.

I am always so flattered when that happens, and it happens a lot! Of course they came to visit friends and family and found a chance to fit me in, but recently a family came all the way from Maine JUST for a haircut! Of course I am sure they visited some friends too, but the haircut was the original reason for the visit!

Both of these families are wonderful people.

Now the child from Maine is really NOT a big fan of haircuts, but I did my best as I always do.

Over time I have developed a large following of kids who love haircuts, kids who are typical developing but hate haircuts and special needs kids. I am always happy to try my best. I can be mighty silly, and am able to distract many kids so they get a good haircut. Unfortunately for some kids only the tight grip of a parent will make it possible for me to do the job. For 99% of these extra sensitive children, as soon as I stop, they are fine. I like to think of them as having a strong sense of self preservation.

I can never guarantee that I will make a child who hates haircuts happy, but I seem to have a lot of success, and I get the job done 99 out of 100 times.

So if you have a kid who hates haircuts, try me out! I will do my best to make your child as happy as possible with bubbles, puzzles, and skill!

OH YEA, I almost have the new store set up the way I want it, thanks to some wonderful friends and customers. Dina (who runs a great art class Wednesdays and Fridays)Dave, Bonnie, Jodie, Norm, Maria, and others. Forgive me if I left you out... It's been like an Amish barn're all wonderful!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check out these Cuties!

Here is one guy whose hair I cut for the first time a few years ago, and still do. He always comes in with the most beautiful long blond hair and we cut it all off and start again! Too bad his face doesn't show here! he's just gorgeous!

Here is another baby who is truly a miracle! Just take a look at him! Another gorgeous kid!

Send me your photos! I'd love to post them! Just email to

Remember To Make Appointments! It's Getting Busy These Days

As you know, Passover is just about here! Before passover, April 20th, is the last time Orthodox Jews can get their hair cut because as it says on the Chabad website, "

"The seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot are a time of anticipation and preparation, during which we retrace the Israelites' journey from the Exodus to Mount Sinai. As our ancestors did more than 33 centuries ago, we count these 49 days and refine the 49 sefirot ("attributes" or characteristics of the soul) associated with them.

But the Omer weeks are also a time of sadness. No marriages are conducted during this period; like mourners, we don't cut our hair or enjoy the sound of music. For as the Talmud tells us, it was in this period that thousands of Torah scholars, disciples of the great sage Rabbi Akiva, died in a plague because "they did not conduct themselves with respect for each other."

So, if you want to get a haircut before April 20th...make sure to call and make an appointment. I am sure to be super busy before then!

There is enough time to get to ALL of my customers, as I will be opening early and closing late, and maybe working a couple of Mondays and Tuesdays, which I never do! I am also taking alot of vitamins these days!!!

See you ALL soon!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Changing Table Is All Hooked Up! And Please...Try To Make An Appointment (not for the changing table!!!)

Yippee! My new changing table has been installed, in the bathroom, just like it is supposed to be, so I will not need to put a curtain around it like I planned! I am so happy to have it (it is the little things in life!) and I invite everyone with kids to come in and use it any time. My bathroom is your bathroom!

A thank you to Peter Kelly, my contractor...if you need one, I'd be happy to recommend him!

I want to warn everyone that this is a very busy time for haircuts at Someplace Special. PLEASE make appointments early. I am really sorry to have to do that, but if you call first, there will be room for everybody. I will be starting early, and ending late so everyone can look beautiful for their holidays and beyond.

Lots of toys and workbooks in the store. Come and get 'em!

Shop locally! You'll have more time for everything else!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New Changing Table, a New Neighbor, and Some Thoughts

For those of you interested, there will be a new changing table put up in my store! You all know I'm all for convenience for my customers! Unfortunately in the new store a regular changing table did not fit in the bathroom so I bought the type that folds against the wall. It will be put up right by the bathroom. Eventually I will put up a curtain too so you will have a bit more privacy.

As a matter of fact, I know exactly where I will get that curtain! Right next door to me, a new store is opening. It is called Three Brothers Upholstery. The owner is a real nice guy named Edgar, and I am thrilled because it has been a bit too quiet on my block. Now I have company! Please visit Edgar for your upholstery, refinishing furniture and drapery needs. He can even recover your car seats. Tell him I sent you!

There are a couple of very worthy charities I have been wanting to tell you about. One is a wonderful organization called the IOM. The International Organization for Migration. It is a wonderful organization helping enslaved children in Ghana. This organization actually rescues them and reunites them with their families, along with educating and helping the families stay together.

Another is Kiva. Kiva is dear to my heart because it is set up to help people trying to run their own businesses and climb up out of poverty. I know how it is to need that few extra dollars, so it is wonderful to be able to help people in similar situations at a level that is comfortable for you.

Please take a look at these organizations!

And come in and change your baby any time!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The New Space is Coming Together

Right now, we are almost finished with our big move, and big things are happening even if our space is actually a little smaller!

First of all, the new space is really starting to feel great! Lots of friends coming in to wish me good luck, and lots of toys being delivered to keep me busy putting them away in between doing what I love, haircuts on kids!

There are so many toys in the store now. I have really adorable finger puppets, flying pigs, mice in baskets, all kinds of bubble blowers and Alex Bathtub toys. One thing I found when I went to the toy fair this year was an ORGANIC play dough compound that feels like play dough but is made of high quality organic ingredients that are blended when ordered so they are fresh! Come try out a sample! It comes in all different colors.

I am also working on an order of California Baby products. If anyone has any requests, let me know. I am going to try and discount the products...

Which leads me to this...ALMOST no toy in my store will be over $10.00! Maybe only a special purchase here and there, but right now ALL but one toy, a bubble blower that a baby can operate by themselves ($19.99) will be $10.00 and under. Including all of the Melissa and Doug puzzles I have that originally cost more.

So until next time...Come on in!

Remember, even if you are not getting a haircut you are welcome to play in the store with our Thomas train set up!