Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays To ALL!!! (and a way to get $1.00 off of your childs next haircut)

OK, so I am going to mix a little holiday message with a little business message!

First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you who celebrate this time of year! Whatever it is Chanukah, Chrismas, Kwanza, or something I haven't heard of! Have a wonderful day!

With all of the crazy concerns we have nowadays, if you have family, friends, or both, a warm place to stay and food to eat, you have to be thankful! Not only do I have all of that, I have my wonderful customers who I can honestly say I look forward to seeing every day.

I also have the people from all over the world who happen upon my blog and read it...HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you too!

And now some business...Bring in or email me a photo of your child and I will take $1.00 off of their next haircut.

See you soon, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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