Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're Back!

Hey all my friends! It has been pretty busy here lately. As you know, I went on vacation to Niagara Falls, and on to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I had a great time in both places, but the real highlight of my trip was to visit my son in Rochester. It's nice to see one of my own kids for a change!

Then I took another day off and saw Bob Dylan in Saratoga. Now you know why I haven't been around for a few days.

I had a very nice chat with the CEO of the Oriental Trading Company. Seems like a real nice guy who has a few kids of his own. There was more I wanted to say about what the children in Ghana go through, but I get a little shy with people, unless I am cutting their hair! Boy, I'd love to go visit them. I am looking forward to hearing more about what is in store for those wonderful kids in Ghana from the Oriental Trading Company. Also, what's in store for me!

I was thinking, it isn't that our kids have too much, it is that all kids should have too much! By too much I don't mean the things money can buy, although a nice, secure, comfortable, home and food should be a right too! I mean the loving and security, the holding and comforting, a chance to learn...too much should be a right for every child. But the most important thing is an adult or pair of adults that a child can rely on, that will not hurt them. That is the key.

A very good friend once said to me "we can only be truly independent if we know we have someone we can depend on." Think about it. That is what children need.

So till I have something else to say...
Talk to you soon!

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