Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If Your Child Does Not Like Haircuts or Even Hates Haircuts...A Couple of Stories.

Early this morning a mom came in with the sweetest looking little boy around two and a half, three years old. She whispered quietly, "we've never had a successful one" meaning of course a successful haircut.

I went over to the little guy as he eyed my Thomas the Tank Engine play table. I got down on my knees and started playing with the trains. Knocking them off, saying silly things. After a few moments, he came over and started playing with me.

This went on for awhile...and this is one of the reasons I like my job... I get to sit on the floor and play! When I felt it was time to get closer, I took the plunge and started actually buzzing his hair. I left out a lot of the little tricks I used to make him feel more comfortable, But he never stopped moving, yet it came out great! His first successful haircut!

Now, I don't mind if a kid is walking, playing, dancing, or doing anything that involves his or her head moving. And when I am working on a child, or any age kid, that child is the most important person in the shop to me.

Sometimes I am working on an Autistic child, or a child in a wheelchair, Or any kid who needs extra attention, and another customer might feel a little uncomfortable. My attitude is go out and take a little walk! Whoever I am working on is my focus, just as you will be my focus later on. I try to give 100% to the most important person. The child on my chair! Or, of course, the child walking around and playing while I cut!

I have another boy who's come to the shop a couple of times. He's an older boy with autism. I will say that he is not a big lover of haircuts! But there was one point that I looked into his eyes, and a smile came to my face, and then a smile came to his! At that point it was smooth sailing! It worked out great.

Since then, I have listed my services on two Autism websites, along with being on the lists of countless schools. As a matter of fact, I worked in a school for autistic children a few years ago.

Some children cannot be soothed. They just hate or are scared of the whole process. If you want me to do their hair in spite of their crying, I can. I will be careful, quick, and will not hurt them.

Some advice...many children get more scared if you talk to much about and go over and over the process. For some kids, the more they talk about something and ask to do it, the more scared they really are of it. The ones who cry really cannot help it.

Come see me! I can never guarantee your child will let me cut his hair quietly. I cannot guarantee your child will let me get close, or touch her or him. But I work hard, and I respect your child! Let me make friends with your child. As I said, I do my best, and I love what I do!

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