Friday, March 21, 2008

My Changing Table Is All Hooked Up! And Please...Try To Make An Appointment (not for the changing table!!!)

Yippee! My new changing table has been installed, in the bathroom, just like it is supposed to be, so I will not need to put a curtain around it like I planned! I am so happy to have it (it is the little things in life!) and I invite everyone with kids to come in and use it any time. My bathroom is your bathroom!

A thank you to Peter Kelly, my contractor...if you need one, I'd be happy to recommend him!

I want to warn everyone that this is a very busy time for haircuts at Someplace Special. PLEASE make appointments early. I am really sorry to have to do that, but if you call first, there will be room for everybody. I will be starting early, and ending late so everyone can look beautiful for their holidays and beyond.

Lots of toys and workbooks in the store. Come and get 'em!

Shop locally! You'll have more time for everything else!

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