Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Little Bit About What I Do

Wow! Today a family who had been customers and moved to Georgia stopped by so their child could get a haircut.

I am always so flattered when that happens, and it happens a lot! Of course they came to visit friends and family and found a chance to fit me in, but recently a family came all the way from Maine JUST for a haircut! Of course I am sure they visited some friends too, but the haircut was the original reason for the visit!

Both of these families are wonderful people.

Now the child from Maine is really NOT a big fan of haircuts, but I did my best as I always do.

Over time I have developed a large following of kids who love haircuts, kids who are typical developing but hate haircuts and special needs kids. I am always happy to try my best. I can be mighty silly, and am able to distract many kids so they get a good haircut. Unfortunately for some kids only the tight grip of a parent will make it possible for me to do the job. For 99% of these extra sensitive children, as soon as I stop, they are fine. I like to think of them as having a strong sense of self preservation.

I can never guarantee that I will make a child who hates haircuts happy, but I seem to have a lot of success, and I get the job done 99 out of 100 times.

So if you have a kid who hates haircuts, try me out! I will do my best to make your child as happy as possible with bubbles, puzzles, and skill!

OH YEA, I almost have the new store set up the way I want it, thanks to some wonderful friends and customers. Dina (who runs a great art class Wednesdays and Fridays)Dave, Bonnie, Jodie, Norm, Maria, and others. Forgive me if I left you out... It's been like an Amish barn're all wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne, I was just checking out your website and I wanted to wish you luck in your new store!!! I wish I could be around to help you more, but maybe someday! LOL Anyway, good luck and I will see you soon. Trish