Friday, November 21, 2008

Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, and Beyond. Children Come To Me From All Over!

People sometimes ask me where my customers come from. They assume that most of my customers are local...Not really!!

I was as surprised as anyone that along with all of my good friends from one end of the Bronx to the other, especially Riverdale, I started noticing people from Manhattan and Queens. Alot of people! Then all over Westchester. Hastings, Ardsley, Irvington, and all along the river towns. Scarsdale (a surprising amount of people from Scarsdale come to me), Larchmont, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, even Somers,which is so far away, and of course Yonkers, which is so close. If I haven't mentioned a town, well someone from there has probably been to me too!

Orange county, Rockland county, all over New York State!

Lots of New Jersey of course, Connecticut, and of course there are the "pop ins."

Who you may ask are the "pop ins?"

Well let's say you moved to Israel, Or Maine, or England, or Chicago, and you are coming in to NYC to visit a relative, why not stop and get a haircut? More people than you can imagine actually do! Hey, just take the trip for the haircut! I LOVE seeing children that I haven't seen in awhile!

I had a family that used to come in from Russia that were recommended to me by a friend of theirs IN RUSSIA! They came in pretty often, and I thought that was pretty cool!

Another category of "pop ins" are the kids that only come to me occasionally. Maybe their schools are not convenient to getting to me before I close. Really I know that there are a million reasons that someone might love me, my shop, and my haircuts, but may not be able to get to me. ANYTIME you show up for a haircut, or even just to stick your head in and say a big hi, I'll be so happy to see you!

I have had the absolute privilege of watching so many children grow up. That is on the list as being one of the GREAT perks of my job. I LOVE the "pop ins!" I love the regulars!

So come in and get a haircut, just say hello, or play with my trains. I'm here every day except Monday and Tuesday, and I am waiting to see you!

And don't forget to visit me for your holiday shopping...had to throw that in there!...Munipals, Munipals, Munipals! And lots more! Stop spending your time at your computer looking for no shipping codes! I promise, I won't charge you any shipping! Shop locally!

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