Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oriental Trading Company Comes to the Bronx!

As you know, I am closed today, as I always am on Tuesdays, and I will also be closed tomorrow Wednesday, for the Jewish holiday.

For those of you who are interested, on October 29th, time to be announced, I will be having representatives from Oriental Trading and from USAIM at my store. I'd love to make it a party, and you are all invited. Too bad I am not in my former large spot! But of course, this is all for a wonderful cause, so I am hoping to get some kids from the local schools, and maybe even some reps from some of the churches and synagogues in the area. Any ideas you have, please email me!

Of course it goes without saying that to host people from USAIM and Mr. Peasah from Ghana at my store is a dream come true, as I am trying to expand on my work with Ghana and the children there. It has truly made me feel more fulfilled in my life. But something about hosting the Oriental Trading Company is real cool too! Who ever thought that would happen? After all of these years of buying things from them for my store, for the kids in Ghana, and of course for all of the birthday parties and other events I had for my own children over the years!

What they are doing for the children in Ghana is so wonderful. $5,000 in cash, and $5,000 in prizes goes a long way in Ghana! Thank you OTC!

I hope I can make all of their experiences good ones in the Bronx!

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