Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let's Talk About Special needs Children, And Autism, Also, A List Of Toys I sell Including Collector's Beanie Babies!

Today I have a couple of things to talk about.  The most important is how I deal with children that have special needs, and second is some of the products I sell in my little Bronx haircut shop.

Working With Special Needs Children, Autism In Particular 

Over the last few days, I have had many children with special need come into my store.  Children in wheelchairs, children with autism, and children with all kinds of differing abilities.  I am comfortable in all of these situations because I have a genuine feeling of respect for the child, and of course, as I always say, I love what I do. 

For those of you who do not know, I worked in the board of education in NYC in a program for autistic children, so I know many if not all of the possibilities about how your children will react, along with knowing how much the parents of all of my customers want to see their children look good.

We've had some pretty amazing situations in here!  After some kids leave, it looks like a major storm hit. I don't mind...that is what I am here for!

The other day a child came in all the way from Connecticut.  She was autistic, and non verbal.  A beautiful clean well dressed kid, but her parents had not been able to really comb her hair well during the 5 years of her life.  At first glance, when I saw the knot in her hair, I thought I'd have to cut the whole thing out.  It was the size of a grapefruit!  But we gave her a book, and some other toys to play with, and we had her favorite program on in the background, and I worked a ton of my favorite conditioner (Marisol's Melon) into her hair, and slowly started combing and one point I almost gave up...but I kept going and we did it!  Her parents were a big help in the whole process. It needed to be done, and it was. It was actually pretty easy, but when we began, we had no idea what to expect! She had never had a haircut before.

My point?  Don't feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, or worried about your child's reaction, or how your child looks, when you step into my shop.  All of us wonder how we will be received in different circumstances, especially when it comes to our children.  We know we shouldn't, but not one of us hasn't been embarrassed because of something involving our child.  As long as YOU act appropriately to your child during the process, I'll be OK!

No hitting, no choking, and no yelling!  
I don't mean from the child...That's OK. I expect it...I mean from you!

Some Things On Sale In My Shop 

Beanie Babies!!!!  Old ones!  Collectors editions!  I have so many, all previously owned and looking for new homes.  Here is a small sampling of what I have. Bubbles, Huggy, Humphrey, and Millennium.  Antlers, Clover, and Foxy, Checkers,Prince, and Sire.  Lots of McDonald's Beanies in and out of packages, Arod, Ken Griffey Jr., Muhammad Ali!  Mike Tyson!  If you are wondering what I have, or if I still have what you want, give me a call. 718-432-6622.

Jewish Board Games!!!!  Mitzvah Match and Kosherland.

Adorable La Baby Nursery Dolls!!!! Caucasian, African America, and Asian.

MuniPals Subway Trains!!!! I've got the whole line of them.

Loose Train Tracks!!!! They fit with Thomas the Tank Engine, and Brio.

Circle Of Friends Hair Products!!!! Including the great Marisol's Melon leave in conditioner.

Fantastic Anti Lice Products!!!! The Jolis Cheveux brand  from The Lice Treatment Center.

And of course, FANTASTIC CHILDREN'S HAIRCUTS!  I love what I do!

Everybody Is Welcome In My Bronx Hair Salon/Barber Shop...Kids come to me from all over. Manhattan, including around Dyckman Street, Broadway, Seaman ave., Washington Heights, Inwood, Hudson Heights, Upper West Side, NYC, NYS, Tribeca, Bronx, Crosby Ave, Pelham Parkway, Pelham Pkwy, Country Club, Middletown Road, Connecticut, New Jersey, Teaneck...Etc!  

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