Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ebates And Mr. Rebates, Usually I Write About Dealing With Scared Children! Consider This A Holiday Gift From Me!

I know that I posted this before, and I rarely re-post, especially so quickly, but with this crummy economy we have, I thought this would be helpful to many of you, so here goes!  Excuse me if you think this is a little spammy...I do not mean to do that, I just want to save you all some money!

First of all, do you guys know about ebates? A fantastic website where you get rebates back from things you would have bought anyway. At this point, I have gotten back over $500 credited directly to my paypal account. Amazing.  I would have bought these things anyway, this just makes it that much more fun!

If you click through this link, you and I will BOTH get a bonus of $5.00  (sometimes they even give $10.00!) (After you make your first purchase!

Another site, Mr. Rebates sometimes has slightly better deals, and sometimes ebates does. I go back and forth between the two.  Either way I make money.

Here is the link for Mr. Rebates, and they also give a bonus for signing up.

You can also click the banner below.

There is no better time than now for holiday shopping, and to start getting rebates back from EVERYTHING you buy!

BOTH sites have every store you'd want to buy from...You'd be crazy not to join both rebate sites and check which has the better deal every time you buy! I just got a 10% rebate from GAP put right into my paypal account!  12% from Sephora!  WHY NOT!

Enjoy yourself while you are shopping, but remember to shop locally too.  The little stores in your own neighborhood are struggling to survive these days. Mom and pop ain't bringing home a whole load of bacon any more so spend some time shopping in your own neighborhood.  We appreciate it!

Mr. Rebates

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