Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Someplace Special, Haircuts And Toys For Kids, 490 West 238th St. Around The Corner From Riverdale Avenue, And Now We Are A Bookstore Too!

I am more than a little late with this many things have been happening...But I thought you might  still be interested, so here goes...With a bit more added in of course!


I can hardly imagine eight years have passed since I opened Someplace Special!  Yes, April 3rd 2010, was the 8th anniversary of when the store opened.  There have been ups and downs, and many changes with the store,  but to this day, I still love going in to work and interacting with all of my wonderful customers and their parents who come in to my shop.

Who could be as lucky as I am!

Someplace Special has established a reputation as a great place to bring all children as well as kids with special needs, and although I can never guarantee that a child will not cry, I can guarantee that your child, and you, will be treated with respect, and I will do EVERYTHING I can to make the experience as comfortable and as positive as I can. There is VERY LITTLE I haven't seen or done when it comes to cutting a child's hair! You might think your child is tough, but I've seen tougher!

In my quest to make all children happy,  I have worked for the board of education in special ed., read countless books, had many talks with OT's, PT's special education teachers, and even had a chance to ask Temple Grandin a question or two at her book signing.  With all of that,  the quest to make haircuts for children with special needs, and all children, as easy as possible presents a puzzle with some kids,  and every time it doesn't go as easily as I'd like for the child, I feel bad.  On the other hand, I have total respect for the child and the parent, and if it helps, I will play with a child, crawl on the floor, and stand on my head if I have to.

The one thing I will try my best not to do is let you walk out of my shop thinking that there is no place you can go to get your child a haircut!

And for the neuro-typical child...again, I will stand on my head if I have to to get a good haircut done!  And I LOVE DOING WHAT I DO!

After 35 years total of cutting hair,  five at a famous Madison avenue, Amsterdam avenue, and Lexington avenue children's hair salon, and now eight at Someplace Special, I have come to realize that this is what I do...This is what I am...a haircutter for kids, and I love it.

If you choose me, you get a relativly quiet, non stimulating place to have an expert cut your child's hair. So PLEASE call and make an appointment to see me...otherwise I might be too busy to see you! I want to give all of my wonderful customers all the time they need to get the best haircut possible!



That's right, as I write this, the whole front of my store is being redesigned with shelves and being turned into a bookstore...FOR KIDS!  It will be ready for your browsing and buying pleasure around the end of June/ beginning of July with books, and toys for kids from baby to young adult.  So gear yourself up for our grand be announced, and become part of our community.  

As always, I am still selling Munipal subway trains, some sweet dolls (all on sale)  and will soon be stocking up on beautiful creative hair bows and hair accessories .
So please pay us a for more than haircuts, Someplace Special is a great place for kids!

One again, Riverdale, a section of the Bronx, will be getting its own independent bookstore, a place to hangout, browse, and buy books and toys for your children, and gifts for all!

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