Friday, November 13, 2009

Someplace Special, Riverdale Food And Restaurants, Riverdale Strength And Fitness Club, Ebates And Mr. Rebates!

Today a more personal blog about the things I like out in cyber-space and in and around the Riverdale area.

Ahhh Riverdale!  So much untapped potential here! The food is good, but there is not a big variety especially for lunch! For instance, right now I am sitting here eating a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese that I bought from Riverdale Bagels , it's always great to have a good bagel, and this one is very good! And yesterday I had a wonderful chicken slice from Salvatore's of Soho.  Great Pizza!

But the problem is, that for the last 8 years that I have been in business, for lunch I have eaten bagels, pizza, and more pizza. Sometimes turkey or BLT's from Blue Sky and Blue Bay, and fantastic salads from River City Grill. Oh yea, and more pizza

But I'm a little bored, I need more choices, good choices, healthy choices! So I am looking forward to the opening of the new Greek restaurant that will be opening practically across the street from my store...Greek Express!  I heard they were having trouble with their gas line, but right now it looks like they are back on track and opening soon. I'll keep you posted!

I am also looking forward to the opening of  Jay-Bars...a kind of Zabars in the Bronx.  Keep your fingers crossed, they have been having gas line problems too, from what I have heard.  

I think you all know that I go to an exercise class! I go to the Riverdale Strength and Fitness Club.  And the trainer, William Harris can be reached at this email address,  and is easy to work with...well, he is easy to work with, but the work isn't easy!.

He is now starting a class for children, for more information, Read this!

First of all, do you guys know about ebates? A fantastic website where you get rebates back from things you would have bought anyway. At this point, I have gotten back over $500 credited directly to my paypal account. Amazing.  I would have bought these things anyway, this just makes it that much more fun!

If you click through this link, you and I will BOTH get a bonus of $5.00  (sometimes they even give $10.00!)

Another site, Mr. Rebates sometimes has slightly better deals, and sometimes ebates does. I go back and forth between the two.  Either way I make money.

Here is the link for Mr. Rebates, and they also give a bonus for signing up.

There is no better time than now for holiday shopping, and to start getting rebates back from EVERYTHING you buy!

Enjoy yourself while you are shopping, but remember to shop locally too.  The little stores in your own neighborhood are struggling to survive these days. Mom and pop ain't bringing home a whole load of bacon any more so spend some time shopping in your own neighborhood.  We appreciate it!

That being said, remember I have all of the Munipals NYC subway cars, and I can do mail order! Give me a call! 718-432-6622.

If you join my facebook fan page, You can see many of the toys I carry. Please join!
In my next post, I will be listing more cool Riverdale businesses and websites including some great charities I am involved with.  Stay tuned!

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