Monday, April 20, 2009

How Is Cutting Hair Like Playing A Violin? Practice, Practice, Practice!

Hi All. Just thought I'd check in.

Hope all of you have enjoyed your holidays and have taken advantage of the glorious weather we have been having on and off. Off today, I might add!

I had a few interesting moments the other day and It set me to thinking that cutting hair is like playing a violin. You have to practice often, and have a feel for it, and when it comes to cutting children's hair, even more so.

One adorable little girl, about five years old came in and she was so scared. I used the art of distraction to the utmost. Jumping around, saying silly things, making jokes. You have to have the feel...some children you go slowly to make them comfortable...some children you get goofy to distract them. Sometimes I am wrong...but not often.

I never shut up during her whole haircut, I did that with a girl a few years older a week ago, another beautiful kid. I never stopped talking and dancing around when I did those haircuts. I had them totally distracted, and I got the jobs done. And they both looked good too!

Now for those of you who already know me, don't laugh at the way I toot my own horn! I want to get the word out to the folks who do not know me so they can see that there is an option for their children who have trouble getting a haircut.

I can never guarantee, and maybe there is alot of luck involved, but like the concert violinist, I too practice my skill on a daily basis. 10am till 6pm (I'm flexible if you call ahead,) 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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