Monday, September 21, 2009

Vote For St. Gabriel...A Great School In Riverdale, New York

Riverdale is full of wonderful schools, from nursery schools to high schools, and right now, one of our schools is in a contest...St. Gabriel's.  Many of my customer's children attend St. Gabriel and tell me about how wonderful the teachers and staff are. Some have moved their children from other schools and are so happy they made that choice.

Right now, St. Gabe is in a contest to win $20,000. The contest is sponsored by Target.  Let's see if we can get out enough votes to help the children of St. Gabriel's win!

Here are some comments posted on the contest site about St. Gabriel...

"St. Gabriel's School is a wonderful school. The teachers are fantastic. They make learning fun. My children love going to school everyday. I thought my daughter would struggle in school as she is the youngest in the class, however, to my surprise, she is doing fabulously. Thanks to the wonderful teachers, she has an understanding of the work and is doing great. St. Gabriel's is a wonderful academic school and I am confident that my children are receiving the best education possible."

"St. Gabriel School provides an excellent education, preparing students for the demands of high school. Beyond that, the nurturing environment and sense of community set the school apart from others in the area. We love being part of the St. Gabriel School family."

"St. Gabriel school's academics are second to none. My children look forward to going to school every day and are consistently inspired by the superb teachers. The faculty is dedicated and committed to giving their students the tools needed to become successful in high school and college. The principal fosters a nurturing and happy environment where the students feel welcome to express their views. Parents have the peace of mind knowing that their children are being given the best opportunity to succeed in life."

So come on, add your votes to the ones already cast and make St. Gabriel's school a winner...since we all know, it already is a winner!!

Read about St. Gabriel's here...All about St. Gabriel

Vote here...St. Gabriel's...The Best of the Bronx!!

P.S. Even if St. Gabriel does not win the big prize, $500. is given out to a different school randomly every week. That's alot of bucks right there!

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