Monday, September 28, 2009

Someplace Special, Haircuts and Toys for Kids. A Children's Beauty Salon, A Children's Barber Shop.

A new customer told me that when she looked on google for  "children's barber shop" or "kid's barber shop" in the Bronx,  Someplace Special, Haircuts and Toys for Kids did not come up.  I know when you look up "children's haircuts bronx" it comes up right away.

In all truth, I never thought of my shop as a barber shop.  Barber shops have a different license than beauty salons. Barbers get barber licenses, and what I have is called a cosmetology license. Do we do alot of the same things?  Absolutely!  But our training is a little different.  In most states, there is a legal distinction between barbers and cosmetologists, with different licensing requirements. These distinctions and requirements vary from state to state. One of the main things is that in New York State, a cosmetology licenses does not allow you to use a straight razor and shave people.

But as far as I can see,  NO ONE learns the skills I have from any training school. Barber or Cosmetology.

I can't imagine a class in "Cutting around the Thomas Table 101"  Or "Haircuts on a moving kiddie ride"  or "Let's play with rolling balls for 10 minutes before we get started."  Let alone, phys ed. classes  to strengthen the knees that I am constantly crawling around on!  And, above all...the most important part of the 20 plus years of on the job training that I have had...ENJOYING the challenge of trying to make a child comfortable and not scared.  That is a psychology class that is never taught at a barber or cosmetology school!

This is the kind of thing I do.  Whatever I need to do, and I love it!

So when you are looking for a place to get your child's hair cut, children's barber shop, or children's hair salon, I hope you will try me out. Someplace Special, Haircuts and Toys for Kids, and join the people who come to me from all over the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, Orange County, Rockland County, Morris Park, and Manhattan (especially the Inwood, Washington Heights area and Dyckman Street area)

No one is as happy to do what I do as I am!  See you soon!

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