Friday, May 29, 2009

Children Come To My Shop From All Over. I'd Love To Meet You Too! Lots Of Experience With Children On The Autistic Spectrum.

I am sitting in my little store.
I am surprisingly busy today. I had a cancellation so I have a few moments to write. I was just marvelling at the amount of people who come to me from far away. Washington Heights, Inwood, the Upper West Side, even kids from Soho and Chelsea.

I started out as a small local shop, but as time has gone by, I started seeing customers from Bronxdale, Pelham Parkway, Morris Park and Country Club! I'm easy to get to. Close to the Major Deegan and the Henry Hudson, and close to a few bus and train lines.

I get kids from Queens (quite a few actually) and even a some from Long Island. When someone comes in and says they drove all the way from Orange County, or Rockland, I almost cannot believe it!

I have customers from Scarsdale, Hastings, Ardsley and Irvington. Let's not forget Mount Vernon and of course Yonkers. I could go on and on! If I didn't get a few people from new Rochelle or Teaneck every day, I'd be shocked!

Yes, I even get people from all over New Jersey!

I am humbled and gratified when I see how people come from so far. I try my best to do the best possible work on wiggling, moving children. I always hope to keep them happy, and comfortable. Honestly, I don't even need a child to be still!

But why, I wonder? What is it I can offer that keeps you coming back?

For typically developing children who like haircuts, or the child that hates haircuts, I have tons of energy! Energy to get right down on the floor with them and play. I can often be seen crawling on the floor and clowning around with a child. I always put them first. I have the worn out pants to prove it. If you want a hairdresser without dirty knees, don't come here! I love it! I love it so much when I can make a kid more comfortable. Believe me, there is NOTHING I haven't seen or done in the 30 years I've been doing hair! NOTHING.

If the child feels a bit more comfortable and can sit in a chair ( a regular chair or one that looks like a jeep) I have special toys to keep their attention, along with a TV. I have tons of tapes! I even have video games if they are older! But those are the things you can see, I also have alot of "secret weapons" I use to get a haircut done!

For the child that might have issues, I have energy and I have experience. Alot of experience. I've spent time with kids in wheelchairs, along with having worked in the board of ed. with multiply handicapped children and autistic spectrum children. I know how to deal with children who have sensory processing disorder and I can work with just about any type of child you have. I don't promise or guarantee they will like it, I can only promise that I have the experience to make it as pleasant and as fast as possible. and after I am done, I promise they will look good!

You don't have to feel embarrassed or out of place here! Whatever your child does, it's been done before, whatever your child says to me, it's been said before! But I am proud to say that most of the children who come here leave happy!

And the best part of all, the very best part is that I have developed a wonderful group of customers. People that I would be happy to call my friends!

If you want to call me and ask any questions, please feel free! .

Oh yes, I love what I do...Oh did I already say that?

Special Offer!!!!!!!
This month, June 2009, I have a special offer for medical students from Einstein Hospital. Show me your ID and I will take $5.00 off of the price of a regular haircut!

Just for your info, a list of places that people have come to me from...
Israel (many old customers who come back for visits with family and squeeze in a haircut)
Viginia, Maine, Russia (everytime the family came to New York!), Teaneck, Pelham Parkway, Bergan County, Nyack, Fort Lee, Bronxdale Ave., Flushing, Jackson Heights, Washington Heights, Inwood, Van Cortlandt Village, Kingsbridge, Scarsdale, Hastings, Ardsley, Irvington, Mount Vernon,Yonkers, NewRochelle, Teaneck, Mamaroneck, Boston, Rockland, Crosby avenue, Williamsbridge road, Middletown road, Orange County, Fieldston, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Riverdale, White Plains, Morris Park, Students at Einstein medical school, and I'll keep adding more! Let me know if I've missed you!

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