Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Haircuts And Car Washes on Passover

Ahhh, the seasons of hair. Yes hair has seasons. Seasons to be short, seasons to be long, and seasons to look extra neat.

When school starts, you want to look neat, so you pay a visit to the hair salon. Holidays come, time to look good again, so you get a nice trim, change your style, maybe look a bit more mature...a bit more spiffy!

If you like your hair short for the summer, to keep it out of the way, you get a haircut. When it gets warm outside, things tend to get busy in the shop. But maybe you like your hair long for the summer so you can tie it up and forget about it, then the haircuts slow down.

These are the seasons of hair.

So what does that have to do with my title...Haircuts and Car Washes?

is coming. Time to get haircuts and clear out the chometz. If you'd like more info specifically about what these things mean, click on the links.

See, my shop has a couple of extra seasons that some other shops might not have. Since we are in an Orthodox Jewish area, about 50% of my customers who follow certain traditions, do not get haircuts after Passover starts for a period lasting up to seven weeks. So one extra busy season we have starts about six weeks before Passover. All of a sudden I have a rush of people who want their kid's hair cut so they can schedule the next one right before the holidays. All day every day seems to be busy! I find myself wondering when the children are actually in school! Then suddenly...s l o w...

I start wondering where everyone is! The phone starts ringing, future dates are filling up, but I am sitting down and answering the phone, not scrambling to finish haircuts. I start to wonder. Where is everybody? And then...

BOOM. The place goes crazy! I love it. People are piling in, older men whose barber shops are closed on Sundays start begging me for haircuts, children are laughing and playing with my Thomas the Tank Engine play table. People take their kids out of school to get their haircuts. And I start feeling bad because I can't get to everyone! Last year I worked some days from 9am to 9pm!!!

My point? Call Call! Call me! Don't forget to make an appointment, I don't want to turn you away, I'm here for you! And what does this have to do with car washes? Keep in mind that you might have to spend a long time on line to get your car totally cleaned of chometz at the car wash. You might have to wait quite awhile for the services you need because of the crowds, and you might have to wait a bit in my store, but if you make an appointment, you probably won't have to wait much! I'll try to squeeze you in if you walk in without an appointment but you might have a very long wait. Or even be turned away, and if you call early, I will know to add hours and open the shop on days that I am normally closed.

By the way, if you do not follow these traditions for Passover, please come in for a haircut after Passover! I'll be thrilled to see you (as I am thrilled to see all of my customers anytime).

Haircuts and car washes. It's our busiest time of the year!

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