Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Love Cutting Children's Hair...Right Off Of Riverdale Avenue In The Bronx..I Welcome Typical Kids, And Special Needs Children.

The Secret To My Children's Hair Salon/ Children's Barber Shop

Find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.

I was thinking about this quote today. It is so true!  Some people ask how I ended up being a haircutter that works mostly on children?  It was such an easy choice for me!

For years,  I worked in a regular salon doing adult's and children's hair...I was like every other stylist...when I was assigned to do a child, I felt like I was doing the customer a favor. Some stylists complained that it was a waste of time, but I didn't mind as much, so little by little I ended up with more and more children coming to me. It wasn't my first choice in the beginning, but after awhile, I started to enjoy it, and eventually, when a child came in,  I jumped at the chance.

I realized something...that when I looked at a child, I knew exactly what to do...I knew exactly what should and could be done to make that child's hair look the best it could be. Somehow I had never felt so confident working on adults. Eureka! With children!  That was where I belonged!

Compare it to an artist who works in watercolors and who might not be as comfortable with oils, that was, and is, how I felt. A little person was (and still is) my medium,  my watercolor. An adult, that was my oil, not something I enjoyed as much.

Yes, I still have some adult customers who have been with me for years, and I treasure them, but I don't encourage new ones.

I am not someone who does every haircut I can just for the money. That would be work. I am someone who does what I love, and you know the rest!

So keep in mind, when you bring your child to a salon that works mostly with adults, they are doing you a favor when they cut your child's hair.  When you bring your child to me, you are doing me a favor, because I love what I do and you give me the chance to do it.

At Someplace Special, ALL children are welcome. I have extensive experience with children who have special needs, having worked in the NYC Board of Education with autistic children, and children in wheelchairs. and more than anything, again I truly enjoy what I do. I RESPECT your child.

I will get on the floor and follow your child around and play with them for as long as it takes. Oxygen canisters, trachs, whatever your child's situation, I am happy to meet you! I do not promise a tear free one can...but I promise, to the best of my ability, that I will work as hard as I can with the utmost patience and love, to make the haircut a good experience for all concerned. Again, I have respect for YOUR child!

I have 35 years of haircutting experience, and over 15 of them are primarily with children. I worked in a very famous children's hair salon for five years and for ten in my own.

I have a small, not overly stimulating salon, attached to a wonderful children's bookstore called The Page Turner,  where your child will be the only one getting a haircut at any given moment.

People come to me from a 50 mile radius. Manhattan (Upper west side, Dyckman St., Washington Heights, Inwood,  everywhere...even Chelsea, and Soho!) Queens, and Brooklyn,  All over the Bronx, and Westchester and Orange county...Too many places to mention!

So please give me a call at 
Haircuts and Toys for Kids 
or come see me at 
490 West 238th street 
right off of Riverdale Avenue 
I love what I do...and I know you will too!

And don't forget to check out our video below!

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